Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beginner Workout Day 1

This is day one of a daily workout for beginners, i will also put up an intermediate and an advanced workout, give them a try and see which one suits you. Today I am going to give you the first day of the beginner workout (others will follow).

When you get to the gym make sure you are in proper gym attire (proper shoes and clothes that do not restrict you).
Warm-up by either a slow jog or riding the stationary bike for 5 minutes or so, then do some dynamic stretching. By this I mean short stretches maybe 5 seconds during some sort of movement (eg, lunges), do this for about 5 minutes.

Lets do about a half hour of Cardiovascular activity, today since were starting slow lets go with a half hour jog on the treadmill at a fairly easy pace, something that you know you can handle for a half hour without exhausting yourself. After take a couple minutes of slower intensity to cool down (do not stop moving right after cardio activity).

Now lets go into the gym and do some strength training, since your just starting out were going to do endurance training with lighter weights and more repetitions. Today we will start the first of a two day split of our muscles. Today we will start with the chest, quadriceps, triceps, shoulders. We'll do 2 sets of each exercise and 2 exercises for each muscle group. Were going to start out with more machine exercises because you are just getting started.

-Machine bench press 12-18 reps
-Pectoral flies on the machine 12-18 reps
-Squats (hold small dumbbells if necessary) 20-30 reps
-Leg raise machine (quads) 12-18 reps
-Tricep extension (lying on bench with small weight overhead go to 90 degrees then extend) 12-18 reps
-Tricep extension on the pulley (straight bar) 12-18 reps
-Military press machine 12-18 reps
-Front dumbbell raise (use light weights) 12-18 reps

Now have a cool down, static stretching is a good way to do so. The best way is to stretch the desired muscle between 30-60 seconds for 1-3 sets. Ill let you choose your stretches today.

I hope you enjoy your first workout!

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